Cookies policy and other similar technologies that we use on all our sites and applications: (hereinafter collectively as Products of the company Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o Novi Sad)

By using Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o Novi Sad's Products with the correct browser settings, you agree to the use of cookies and other similar technologies in accordance with the Cookies Policy. If you do not agree with the use of cookies or similar technologies or want to limit the use of cookies and similar technologies, you should change the settings accordingly. 


  A cookie is a simple text file that is stored in a web browser while the user is browsing a website.  Cookies usually contain the name of the site from which the user visits the site and the existence of cookies generates a unique number that is used to identify browsers that require a link to the site. With this policy, cookie information also applies to other similar technologies used on Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o Novi Sad sites and apps.

Other similar technologies are used to ensure optimal use of your data, for example local storage, which is used to store data recorded during the use of services in a separate section (browser memory). Access to local storage data can only be obtained at the web location from which the data is stored in the browser. Data in the local repository is stored even after the browser is closed.


Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o Novi Sad uses cookies or other similar technologies for the following purposes:

On Product pages of Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o Novi Sad, the following can be used:

Session cookies - are on the device only when you use the website Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o Novi Sad;

Permanent cookies - remain on your device during the cookie’s defined lifespan or until you delete them in the browser. 


Cookies are used in order to identify the registered user and to display all relevant information that corresponds to the interests of the user.

Security support mechanisms that prevent fraud:

They are necessary for the proper functioning of pages and the display of the content of Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o Novi Sad and allow you to navigate through them.

Improving functionality

Remembering your settings and choices (e.g. Username region where you are preferences language and communication history) in order to provide you with more relevant content and services. Cookies also allow you to watch videos and use tools from social networks and help you fill out forms.

In order to improve the functionality of Non Stop Oglasi doo Novi Sad, they use data on activities on our websites, geolocation data and demographic data - these data are combined and thus create a segment of group user behaviour, which in no way identifies individual personal data of the user.


By collecting data, we deliver those advertising messages that are based on your activity your interests and habits, and at the same time, we take care that the same advertising message is not unreasonably repeated for the purpose of necessary analysis and measurement.

In order to optimally present the advertising message to a certain target group of users, there is a possibility that we use your data in the part related to web history as well as geo-location and demographic data. Your data may intersect with the demographic information you provided to us earlier when you registered for our services. 

The consolidated data is collected in such a way that personal identification of the user is not possible, provided that such data can be used by Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o Novi Sad as well as by our reliable partners if there is a legitimate interest in that. Advertising cookies also make it possible to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. 


Yes, and by using the Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o Novi Sad website, you can receive cookies from our trusted partners.

Marketing objectives of our trusted partners:

Our trusted partners may use cookies or other similar technologies to determine whether they are showing a particular ad or to collect information about how users react to the ads displayed. Our trusted partners may also adjust the displayed ads to the user's interests, with the user's consent, by determining them based on the information provided to us by the user.

If the user has given his consent, this information can be used for further marketing purposes of our reliable partners who display or order ads on the Internet.  For these purposes, we may also work with trusted partners to show the User an ad on our products or other sites after the user has visited a particular page or app. 

In addition to local storage technologies, our website (including web locations) may also use other technologies and technical solutions to access the data stored in the browser terminal equipment that are necessary for the use of the website. We also use third-party analytics software (such as Google Analytics Gemius) that sets user codes on the user terminal device to collect user data.