1. Web portal - website realestatenonstop.com. is owned by Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o. and it is intended for the publication of real estate advertisements and all accompanying participants in their construction or maintenance. By registering on this website, all members - users of this site accept these terms of use.

2. Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o. reserve all rights to change these terms of use and they come into force immediately after being published on realestatenonstop.com. Each user is obliged to get acquainted with the current conditions of use and it is considered that they are familiar with all the conditions of use by accessing and registering on the website.

3. Any advertising message should be true and in accordance with the law as well as professional ethics.

4. Any advertising that does not comply with legal regulations is prohibited, as well as advertising of misleading content, advertising that encourages endangerment of health and safety, which aims to encourage discrimination on any grounds, concealed advertising as well as advertising of persons and services and all activities that are prohibited by law or an individual act of a state body.

The information about the advertised real estate product or service should be true and should not create misconceptions about the price, method of sale and payment, quality of usability or other conditions.

You may not use claims or phrases that cause misconceptions about the advertiser their activity product or service.

The advertising message must not contain any misleading information or insult public morals or personal rights.

5. Web portal www.realestatenonstop.com and Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o. are not responsible for the veracity, accuracy and credibility of any information in the advertising message, and especially regarding the properties, characteristics and condition of the advertised product or service. All responsibility for the content of the advertising message lies with the person from whom such content originated.

6. The User guarantees that all photos they upload to realestatenonstop.com. are his own. Photos must be photos of the item being advertised. 

7. Web portal realestatenonstop.com. and Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o are not participants in the sale of items products services that are advertised on the webpage www.realestatenonstop.com or in any other transaction performed between users of the portal. The web portal www.realestatenonstop.com and Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o do not give any guarantee for any item product or service displayed on the website portal realestatenonstop.com. including the ownership of the item and the willingness of the user to execute the transaction

8. The user who registers on realestatenonstop.com. gives consent to accept these terms of use as well as consent to the collection and processing of personal data or data on the legal entity that can be used for the purpose of connecting users. On the other hand, the web portal www.realestatenonstop.com and Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o undertake to keep the data received from the user and to use them in good faith and will not distribute or disclose them to third parties without the exclusive consent of the user.

9. The user agrees to receive e-mails as well as pro forma invoices and invoices related to the activities of realestatenonstop.com. and Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o.

10. The advertiser is obliged to submit a completed form (advertising identification) with the advertising message, there are separate forms for natural persons and for legal entities. 

Advertising identification is a document that contains data that identifies the advertiser and transmitter of the advertising message, content of the advertising message, the intended period and the manner of advertising that the advertiser delivers to the transmitter of the advertising message. The advertising identification form guarantees the accuracy of the entered data and the content of the advertising message.

Advertising identification shall be valid until the change of data on the advertiser. If changes occur, the advertiser is obliged to submit a changed Advertising Identification.  

11. All price-lists for the provided advertising and marketing services are available on realestatenonstop.com. and form an integral part of these terms of use. Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o Novi Sad is not in the VAT system according to Article 33, paragraph 2 of the Law on VAT. 

12. Web portal www.realestatenonstop.com and Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o. have all the rights to remove and delete all ads that are contrary to positive legal regulations that are not in accordance with these terms of use and business policy of the company without prior notice and the advertiser is not entitled to compensation on that basis.

13.  Web portal realestatenonstop.com. and Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o have all the rights to remove all advertisements that may lead to disruption of the work and functioning of the portal realestatenonstop.com.

14. All texts and photos that are not the subject of advertisement may be removed, as well as advertisements that contain links to other websites that deal with real estate advertising or have similar content.

15. Web portal realestatenonstop.com. will not post ads if the advertisement identification is not filled in and submitted.

16. Web portal realestatenonstop.com. will publish the advertisement if the following conditions are met: 

If any one of the stated conditions is not respected, the web portal realestatenonstop.com. has all the rights to delete that ad, exclude that user and prevent him from placing ads permanently, as well as in cases when a legal entity presents itself as a natural person or vice versa.

17. Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o. reserves all the rights to refuse to publish advertisements of a user if it has outstanding obligations to the company and may condition the publication of advertisements with the settling of due obligations.

18. Web portal realestatenonstop.com. and Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o are not and cannot be responsible for the damage suffered by third parties in connection with and regarding the content published on the page realestatenonstop.com.. The user undertakes to compensate the damage that the Web portal realestatenonstop.com. and Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o suffer on the basis of requests from third parties, which occurred in connection with the published content.    

19. The portal realestatenonstop.com. may contain links to other pages but may not be responsible for the services and products displayed on those pages nor may it be liable for any content displayed on the pages and websites of third parties.

20. The entire content of the portal realestatenonstop.com. is protected by copyright. Copying download and publishing of any content or design element of the portal without the written authorization of the copyright holder Non Stop Oglasa d.o.o. is strictly forbidden.

21. Web portal realestatenonstop.com. and Non Stop Oglasi doo do not guarantee uninterrupted availability of the portal  realestatenonstop.com and will not bear any compensation for damages that may occur due to interruption of availability, non-publication or deletion of advertisements or errors in the operation of the website - portal realestatenonstop.com.

22. The web portal www.realestatenonstop.com reserves the right to prohibit access to a user who in any way violates these terms of use or interferes with the operation of the portal as well as the right to take appropriate measures against these users. In case of possible disputes between the user and the company Non Stop Oglasi d.o.o. the court in Novi Sad shall have the jurisdiction.